Free Private Investigation Services for Cyber-crimes Against Students

The NexusMyst team provides free, first-responder, licensed private investigation services for cyber-crimes against children.

cyber bullying identify online predatorNexusMyst was founded by a Queensland licensed private investigator. This digital forensics tool was developed to rapidly identify the perpetrators of cybercrime, cyber-bullying, and other forms of civil or criminal wrongdoing via the Internet or mobile phone.

Positively identifying cybercriminals can bring immediate peace of mind to these vulnerable crime victims. Our team can remove the distress and mitigate the trauma that accompanies the terrifying unknown, often long before police authorities can act. In one case, the Queensland Police Force asked our team for help in a 10-day old unsolved cybercrime, we identified the perpetrator within about 24-hours.

Our Brisbane based team has solved crimes for law enforcement globally, you can review some of the case studies here: Case Studies. Our methods are 100% legal and fully admissible in criminal and civil courts.

In many cases, our team can solve cybercrime within a few hours or less. Every hour that a child victim has to contend with the associated distress can exacerbate the mental health risks that follow long afterwards.

Do you have any students who are tormented by unsolved cyber-crimes?

If there have been cybercrimes perpetrated against any of your students, and if those crimes are unsolved, we invite you to contact our founder with a view to solving the cases. You are invited to do the same for future threats as they present themselves.

Social Media Harassment & Predation Against Students

If a student is depressed or anguished because of anonymous harassment through any of the major social media platforms, we can provide free help in rapidly solving the mystery, bringing peace of mind, and the appropriate correction for the offender.

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