Conditions for Free Investigative Support:

Crimes Against Vulnerable Persons.

NexusMyst’s investigative journalistic support services are provided free for investigations into crimes against women and children, or other vulnerable individuals.

    Unresolved Police Investigations

    Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of cyber-crimes reported to law enforcement, and the relatively low number of officers available to investigate results in a phenomenon that “e-crime almost always pays”. Journalists who are pursuing stories about floundered, or abandoned criminal cases that were not resolved by law enforcement, are welcome to contact us for a free consultation and investigative support.

    How we can help you get the scoop with your investigative story. Think outside of the box!

    We can also help you quickly solve internet or mobile phone related mysteries, by identifying anonymous trolls, political moles, corporate leaks, boiler room scams, cyberbullies, extortionist and more. If you have a case that has run aground, call us in confidence to discuss creative ways we can help you crack the case.


    Case Study Examples

    NexusMyst Fairfax Media Scoop

    Fairfax Media Scoop

    Fairfax Media Scoop in 2012

    This video explains the David Jones fraudulent takeover bid:
    Read the journalist’s review of NexusMyst’s help here.

    Ending a 2-month murder manhunt in 73 minutes for the US Marshals

    Using NexusMyst, we located a murder fugitive in the United States, who had been hunted for more than two months by the US marshals without success. We achieved this from our Brisbane office without leaving our desk. Read More.

    Other Case Studies

    Please see our other case studies. Reading them will help you understand how we can work together with you to give you “The Scop”.

    Social Media Harassment & Predation Against Students

    If a student is depressed or anguished because of anonymous harassment through any of the major social media platforms, we can provide free help in rapidly solving the mystery, bringing peace of mind, and the appropriate correction for the offender.

    Full Team Bio and Case Study Examples

    A comprehensive capability overview can be provided upon request.

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