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We are currently accepting applications from Law enforcement agencies in English speaking jurisdictions, for participation in our BETA release of NexusMyst. If you are interested in participating, please complete this form:

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NexusMyst for USA Cybercrime Investigations

NexusMyst for Commonwealth Country Cybercrime Investigations

Improve Your Cybercrime Investigation Statistics by 30-70X within 30-days.

Currently, the number of cyber crimes investigated by law enforcement in developed nations is less than 1% globally. With NexusMyst your LEA will be an exception, allowing a small team to investigate 30 to 70 times more cybercrimes, with as little as 10 minutes work per case initiation.
References: USA, UK, Australia.

Improve Public Confidence in Your e-Crime Investigation & Enforcement Teams

From a statistical and political perspective, this tool will almost immediately improve public confidence in your crime fighting and enforcement abilities by reducing unsolved crime statistics and resolving cold-cases. This is achieved by resolving local crimes, or allowing your investigators to establish previously unknown geographic nexus, and forward them on to the appropriate jurisdictions for action, thus removing them from your books and statistics.

Bypass Processing Delays Caused by Out-of-Jurisdiction ISP Witnesses

NexusMyst will help expedite the acquisition of originating IP addresses, and other significant evidence, without having to execute subpoenas or warrants to US Silicon Valley-based internet service providers, and other ISP witnesses.

Protect Children & Vulnerable Persons

From a practical standpoint, it will bring a higher level of protection to children and other vulnerable persons in exploitation cases. Rapid resolution reduces anguish and the emotional health risks to victims that are often associated with protracted investigations. Hyper-vigilance, paranoia, and PTSD are very real health risks that can be caused by extended delays in resolving e-crime mysteries.

Identify Almost Any Anonymous User of Digital Communication or Publishing Platforms

NexusMyst is useful in most crimes involving the Internet or mobile communication technologies, such as cell phones.

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