Case Study

The Dunkin’ Donuts Matter – Coercion and Racketeering.

The Brief

A US-based insurance adjuster discovered a site ( which was set up for the sole purpose of hijacking search engine results for his firm and prospective customers. The client was reasonably sophisticated and identified eleven more victims before contacting us. Before engaging our team, the group of victims hired one of our’ few competitors who fell short to generate any results after several months. The group then hired our team to assume responsibility.

The Outcome

Within 36 hours our team was able to identify the extortionist (who was on parole). The client was then capable of obtaining video footage of the perpetrator in the act while attached to a public Wi-Fi at a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

Ater showing the evidence to the wrongdoer, we were able to leverage him for ownership of the attack websites domains and caused the removal of the demeaning materials from the internet.

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