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U.S. MARSHALS: Apprehension of Murder Fugitive in just 73 mins after a two-month manhunt.

The Brief 
Our team supported a joint task force of U.S. Marshals and the Maryland State Police Force in the 2-month manhunt for a fugitive, who had been on the run in association with the homicide of a 26-year-old man, on June 21, 2013.

The Outcome

  1. Using the NexusMyst application, our team created a pretext for a sting operation. After approval from law enforcement, we communicated a text message to one of the suspect’s family members. The message contained a NexusMyst payload.
  2. Soon thereafter NexusMyst recorded several digital incidents, including events triggered by the fugitive from behind an anonymous proxy in an effort to obfuscate his location. Over the next few hours our team worked with the fugitive task-force to circumvent the fugitive’s obfuscation efforts and narrowed him down to a neighborhood in Indiana.
  3. As a result of the evidence gathered, the team was able to identify a cell phone number within a few hours. It was assigned to a disposable SIM card in the possession of the fugitive, but it did not reconnect to the cell-tower network– therefore triangulation was impossible.
  4. The NexusMyst team continued to consult with U.S. Marshals, who served a warrant on the phone company, which produced the Unique Device Identifier [UDID] that was associated with fugitives smartphone. Several days later the same UDID connected once again to the national cellular infrastructure with a new disposable SIM card.
  5. The US Marshals were then able to triangulate the physical location of the fugitive who was arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned for life.
  6. Two others were charged with harboring a fugitive from the law.

Read the full report here: Michael Roberts Sets Digital Traps to Catch Murder Fugitive from 8998 miles away.

Other Case Studies

Sextortion Case – Hudson New Hampshire Police Dept.

Det. Pi Deng’s account:
“The Hudson, New Hampshire Police was investigating an Extortion case. The victim received an email from an unknown party who threatened to release nude photos of her if she did not do what they ask. With the assistance of NexusMyst’s team, we determined the suspect was using google voice. With our permission, NexusMyst engaged the perpetrator. Within hours they captured an IP address and device signature in the area of Lagos, Nigeria.

A traditional search warrant process would have taken several weeks to achieve the same result.”

State Police Service, Fraud and Corporate Crime Group (Computer Crime Investigation Unit).

A threat was made against an Australian state police service that included an attack against its online resources and the publishing of undercover officers’ personal information.

OUTCOME: Threat eliminated

Diplomat Espionage Threat Eradicated.

A diplomat (BB4/BB3 officer) from a Commonwealth nation lost control of sensitive data with significant risks to national security by means of extortion.

OUTCOME: Perpetuator identified – threat eliminated

Famous Personality Trolling and Tortious Interference by Competitors.

An American celebrity, sports personality was targetted with an organized internet defamation and smear campaign by anonymous and pseudonymous individuals.

OUTCOME: cyber trolls identified – immediate suspension of defaming sites. 

Wrongly Accused Released From Jail.

A North Carolina man was arrested for allegedly sending death threats electronically to his estranged wife. The personal cost was loss of freedom through incarceration and loss of child custody, income, assets and reputation.

OUTCOME: Innocence proven – man released, his wife was charged.

David Jones Fraudulent Takeover Bid & Stock Manipulation.

To identify the individual linked to a multi-billion takeover bid of one of Australia’s largest department stores; the case had been shrouded in mystery and was being heavily scrutinized by skeptics.

OUTCOME: Stock manipulator positively identified. 

The Dunkin’ Donuts Matter – Coercion and Racketeering.

A US-based insurance adjuster discovered a site ( which was set up for the sole purpose of hijacking search engine results for his firm and prospective customers.

OUTCOME: In 36 hours extortionist identified – removal of defaming material.

Global Smear Campaign Extortion Racket.

Our team performed a seven-month digital and social forensics investigation that uncovered an enormous organized crime and murder racket, that targeted wealthy European entrepreneurs with threats of Internet smear campaigns if they did not surrender to the criminals’ extortion demands.

OUTCOME: Leaders identified – issue referred to Interpol.

Kay Wilson – Survived Attempted Murder & Internet Smear Campaign

Kay Wilson was a victim of a brutal terror attack and survived an attempted murder. She also was a victim of an online defamation campaign for three years.

OUTCOME: antagonist identified – online attacks stopped.

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