Case Study

Kay Wilson – Survived Attempted Murder & Internet Smear Campaign

Kay Wilson:

In 2010, I was the victim of a brutal terror attack. My friend was butchered to death and I myself sustained 13 machete stab wounds and numerous broken bones. I was not only a terror victim, I was the victim of a 3 year smear campaign on the internet. My troll was an emotional terrorist. Just like the terrorists, he attacked the defenseless and executed his deeds in secret. 

Something about my first conversation with private investigator Michael Roberts, was enough to convince me that he was the man to do it. He was incensed at the libel – possibly because he is also a victim of libel and attempted murder himself – from the first moment, Michael was on board, swayed by the pursuit of justice and mercy. Later that day he skyped me: “Kay, another terrorist can also be brought to justice.” Michael had caught him. I could hardly believe it. I wept. It took Michael only 11 hours!

Michael Roberts, thank you for your professionalism, your empathy, your pursuit of justice and thank you for helping me get my life back!

~Kay Wilson – Israeli victim of terror and victim of internet libel.


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