About NexusMyst®

NexusMyst is a disruption business model that bypasses cumbersome, traditional court-ordered discovery processes. Ergo, NexusMyst can reduce cyber-crime investigations by many weeks or months. This is particularly important in exploitation cases, stalking, or other crimes against vulnerable persons.

NexusMyst is a Rapid, Digital-crime, Geographic Nexus Acquisition Solution. For over 9-years our team has been contracted globally for criminal investigative support and private investigations, for numerous law enforcement agencies globally, for Internet-based crimes.

NexusMyst is an elegant but simple solution that addresses the bottom tier of the cybercrime pyramid and identifies jurisdictional accountability. This category is relatively unsophisticated but constitutes the highest volume of reported cybercrime. The sheer number of incidents, when pursued using traditional court-based discovery and investigative procedures, creates an unmanageable law enforcement burden. As a consequence, most of these cyber crimes cannot be adequately investigated or solved. This results in a high level of unsolved cyber-crime which is reflected in the statistics in all jurisdictions. The solution is also very useful in domestic violence, human exploitation, and cyber-harassment cases. NexusMyst can also assist with highly sophisticated crimes with a cyber component.

Michael Roberts

NexusMyst Founder – Licensed Private Investigator – Civil and Criminal Litigation Support

Michael is a licensed private investigator who has provided investigative support for law enforcement globally since 2008; his investigative career began in 1986 when he was seconded to a special telecommunications investigations unit for an Australian Statutory Authority. He also provides support for government prosecutors, defense attorneys and private litigation support.



Factual Investigator – Project Administrator 

Anna uses visualisation and timeline tools to transform raw cyber investigation findings into visual formats. Her work clearly communicates the temporal and associative elements of each case in a way that a finder of fact (judge or jury) can interpret, ergo, demystifying the digital fog. Anna also assists colleagues with real-time monitoring of pretext based engagements. 

Responsible for the Marketing to create brand awareness. Development of crisis management strategies, active monitoring of online corporate reputation, mitigating and identifying threats.

Board of Advisors

Aman Bhar

I.T. Security Expert and Trainer

Aman served with leading players in the I.T. Security and Electronic Commerce arenas. In addition to his management and consulting activities he regularly travels the world for speaking and teaching engagements for some of the world’s largest organizations to help in securing their information assets.

He is academically qualified in Information Systems, and specializes in I.T. Security. He respects conventional wisdom but has often been accused of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. He aims for success and goes to extraordinary means to achieve it.

Aman has consulted with Heads of State, Boards of Directors and Industry Captains in the various roles he has played. He has created cutting-edge security training programmes, delivered training services, designed secure business models, developed national e commerce communities and managed teams over a rewarding fifteen year period.

Bruce van der Graaf

Retired Cybercrime Police Detective

Bruce operated as a Cybercrime Investigations Co-Ordinator for NSW Police Force for 15 years. He managed a team of investigators responding to and investigating cyber incidents, including intrusions and technology related crime. He was responsible for triage, preview and examination of computers and mobile devices, preparation of reports and providing evidence in support of court actions.

Bruce is currently contracting with Australian Federal Government Security organisation within the department of Home Affairs as Senior Digital Forensics Officer. 

Johnny Cheng

Serial Tech Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor

Johnny is the founder and CEO of Amity, a venture-backed real-time messaging tech company backed by News Corp, Facebook’s Head of Mobile and Co-founder of Google Maps.

Founder and CEO of Revolvv, a mobile app company that was acquired by a US company after growing to 3 milion users after 9 months.

He is has expertise in fundraising, business development, sales, marketing, scaling operations.

Due to his experience, Johnny has an extensive network of investors, strategic partners, hires in Silicon Valley and Australia.


Senior Software Engineer

Tony designed, developed & deployed a cross-platform mobile app for a major power engineering company. Designed/developed relational to non-relational database synchronization and transaction service. Open sourced a new code gen app to install/upgrade databases (migrates 6 database products). Developed a new open source tool that speeds up cross-platform hybrid mobile app development by 10-15%. 

Specialities: Full Stacks, UI/UX, Software Architecture, Workflow, SOA, Messaging, Security, Mobile. Develops apps, cross platform mobile and workflow applications.